The question “how did you choose the logo for AHADI LODGE” has been asked by many of our guests and fellow Tour Operators. The Directors, wanted our logo to depict the real “Africa” – hence the choice of the Maasai.

The “sunrise” heralds the dawn of a new day and in many ways, it is the “promise” of what this day has to unfold for each of us. To portray the real “Africa”, we chose warm earthy tones – these also reflect the “warm” welcome afforded all who travel to Africa by the African people.

After agreeing on these criteria, we were then challenged to find a name for the Lodge which would embrace all of the above – hence, the name – “AHADI” was a unanimous choice and as previously quoted, means “PROMISE.”

Hopefully this explanation has enlightened the curiosity of those who sought to know the origin of our logo.